Marua , Raagi , Nachni ki Aata (500g)

Marua , Raagi , Nachni ki Aata (500g)

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A hearty roti that is sure to remind you of home. The Basic Ragi Roti has a rustic flavour and earthy aroma, which warm your soul and make you feel very contented. You need to knead the dough with warm water otherwise the rotis will break when you roll them. Even then, it still requires a bit of knack to roll nachni dough. Not to worry, once you roll a few rotis you will get a hang of it. One thing about Basic Ragi Roti, or for that matter any other roti made with millet flours, is that it needs to be served immediately in fact, it is best enjoyed right off the tava, with a cup of Raita and a spicy Dal....

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